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9. Usage of Us, Europe therefore the rest of Latin America

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9. Usage of Us, Europe therefore the rest of Latin America

Towards simply issue You will find observed getting less during the Bogota was inactive clean, that is in the 20% less expensive than when you look at the Medellin. As a whole Bogota try a expensive location to live than Medellin.

cuatro. Things you can do

Bogota corners away Medellin here. Both towns have numerous activities to do in town as well as many things you can do close. But the much larger city of Bogota edges away Medellin into the these kinds.

As a more impressive urban area Bogota has many far more shows and you may festivals than just Medellin. Like, if Rolling Rocks found Colombia during the March this season, it selected Bogota.

Bogota has actually significantly more places of worship, significantly more hunting choice, so much more outside factors, way more sights and you will sites, more of that which you due to they being a more impressive urban area.

When you are unscientific, TripAdvisor have over 270 things to do listed for Bogota when you are it offers less than 150 activities to do indexed to have Medellin.

5. Protection

Medellin arguably gains here. Medellin rated greater than Bogota when you look at the a recent survey out of several,548 inside the Colombia with respect to customers impression safe within barrio and you may area.

Contained in this study (slide 41) people believed this new trusted within barrio into the Medellin which have 75 per cent regarding participants perception secure, whenever you are just thirty six % from respondents for the Bogota believed secure inside its barrio (simply Cartagena rated less than Bogota).

With respect to feeling secure in their city (slide forty), Bogota was rated poor of the cities surveyed with just fourteen per cent away from respondents inside the Bogota effect safer within urban area, and therefore even compares to forty five % impact safer in their town when you look at the Medellin.

6. Healthcare

Are a bigger town, Bogota possess significantly more medical and you may dental providers nonetheless supply more patients to care for. Medical can cost you include a little higher in Bogota compared to the the health costs from inside the Medellin.

7. Toxic contamination

It’s a wrap. The world Health Providers (WHO) this past year stated that Medellin are rated #nine and you may Bogota #10 within the a summary of brand new 10 metropolises most contaminated inside the Latin The usa.

Medellin is situated in a beneficial canyon, which have mountains encompassing the town, which do not succeed effortless dispersion of emissions, so contamination sometimes stay-in the new metropolitan city. However, very regular rain in town normally brush the air.

Bogota was a massive area and you can apparently find an excellent thicker gray smog layer-over the metropolis while in the thermal inversion periods.

8. Tourist

We provide Medellin one border right here. My effect is the fact customers is Bogota is bad than for the Medellin on account of they getting a bigger city with books vehicles into roads.

I’d state you’re pretty happy for individuals who invest merely a couple of hours every single day only to wade anywhere in Bogota.

I’ve been challenged inside arranging more a couple business meetings day for the Bogota while the customers causes it to be a primary difficulty in enabling in one part of Bogota to a different area at most hours of the day.

Just like the guests will get crappy from inside the Medellin, the brand new terrible site visitors is primarily based in the El Poblado and Envigado areas during the hurry instances if you ask me.

Subscribers isn’t as common out of a problem inside the Medellin compared to your subscribers things utilized in Bogota. But Bogota doesn’t invariably feel the poor subscribers inside Latin The usa. For me the newest larger towns regarding Sao Paulo and Mexico Town might have even worse site visitors.

Bogota with ease gains here. El Dorado Airport terminal in the Bogota ‘s the premier airport inside the Colombia features low-end routes to over 40 international locations regarding the You.S., European countries and you may Latin The united states.

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